I am fascinated with duality and how two separate principles can exist in one experience. The work explores several experimental and traditional art forms such as animation, installation, ceramic, fabric, and bronze sculpture. My latest series investigates the romanticization of women and violence in film.


Yuri Murphy is a Multi-disciplinary artist living in Brooklyn, NY.  Yuri was raised in Colorado and moved to Boston in 2010 to study film. Mountains and urban environments greatly influence her work, as she focuses on the duality of nature and the synthetic.  With a BA in Experimental Media Production from Emerson College, she developed a critical feminist perspective that drives an exploration of many experimental and traditional artforms. Most recently, Yuri has shown at the International Kinetic Art Festival in Florida, completed a sculpture residency at the Falconer Foundry in South Africa. She works out of her studio in Bushwick Brooklyn, New York.